Top 2020 Logo Design Trends

Updated on 19 May 2020 in Design

Logo design (and design in general) is constantly changing. In this blogpost we will look into the design changes we can expect in 2020



This is a trend that has already been on the rise for some time, and a trend that we can expect to continue into 2020: gradients. Gradients add a unique vibrant feel to a logo, and are an intruiging way to play with a brand’s color scheme. In addition to just plain gradients, this year we can expect to see more 3d gradient logos, which add even more vibrancy and depth to logos.


Retro Designs

An upcoming trend that plays well onto the nostalgic sentiment of consumers is retro design. This year we can especially expect to see a rise in 80s style design. This means neon colors, 8bit schemes and eclectic designs.



As technology advances, design takes advantage. Logos are no longer static, and we can expect to see more and more logos being presented in an animated way. This used to be reserved for big brands whenever they displayed their logos on tv commercials, but web and animation technologies have come a long way, and now its almost a sin not to have your logo animated in some way.


Typography Logos

Custom typography has been around for a long time, and has remained a popular way to display a logo. In 2020 we will see daring exhibitions of the letters that make up a brand’s name and act the company’s main logo. We can expect to see these typography logos to include one or more of the design trends mentioned above.


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